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Decking and Timber Floor Finishing – Nash Timbers


1. Ensure nails are punched below level of timber. Fill holes with putty to match colour of floor.

2. Sealmaster is applied after sanding a floor to stop edge bonding or boards gluing together., also stops the discolouration on the edges of certain timber species American White Oak and Blackbutt. Sealmaster is not used on Brushbox and Turpentine due to reaction with natural properties of the wood.


3. Synteko Classic floor is not to be over sanded to ensure product will dry and penetrate correctly and flooring is even for buffing between each coat.

4. When using Synteko waterbase fine sand floor to reduce dicolouration in floor.

5. When using a Modified oil finish, it is slow drying  takes up to 3 days and not completely cured for 20 days, this finish drys on top of the timber does not penetraste as much as natural oil.

6. Natural oil is buffed into the timber to leave a flat or matt finish, to get the best results. It is very important that water is not split with 21 days when using this finish.

7. Staining or liming a timber floor requires a very detailed process to achieve the clients preferred colour specification. Species, colour and finish needs to be ascertained to start with to ensure that the timber properties do not react with the colour and finish. There are many combinations that need to be discussed before samples can be done for client. When colour and finish is chosen, this sample must be signed off and kept on site at all times.

8. Points of consideration to discuss with client.

A Certain timber species will absorb stain more

B There will always be a colour variation in timber when staining and liming.

C Floor must be sanded correctly or finish will be uneven

D. Walls, skirting boards, joinery and tiles must be sealed. Painter to do final coat after staining or liming and Floor Layer buffs and seals floor after painter finished.


E. Before staining or liming the grain must be popped for a better penetration of the product to get the preferred colour.


9..Nash Timbers tips on achieving a high quality finish


A No other trade while Floor Layer is working in his area.

B  Good even ventilation, so floor dries evenly.

C Dust free rooms.

D When staining clients must be on site to check colour.

E. No walking on floor for at least 24 Hours except modified Oil 3 days.

F Ensure not to spill water on floor.

G Use window drapery to protect from direct sunlight.

H. No mats for 21 days

I Install felt protectors to furniture that will be moved.

J  Ensure you follow the Floor maintenance sheet given to you by Nash Finishes.

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A must for any architect, designer, engineer or builder who specifies or uses timber in designing a project.

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