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Floating Timber Floors, Floorboards and Installation


1. Correct species for location. ( Eg: High Janka Rating timber in high traffic area).

2. Corect timber profile for site. ( Eg. 14mm T & G Board  towel glue on ply in preference to 19mm T & G board)

3. Correct width and thickness for site. (Eg, Recommend not to install a board over 200mm wide in damp conditions and full air condition environment.)

4. Ensure under floor ventilation is correct if not on concrete slab. (Eg. There must be a good cross flow ventilation under the floor.

5. If installing onto slab ensure correct moisture content.(Recommend a moisture barrier is used on top of slab)

6.  If using ply slab must be level (Eg Unable to put packing under ply)

7. Battens must be Kiln Dried Hardwood (Eg Pine battens  will flex when the floor is sanded causing corrugations in the floor)

8. A high quality glue must be used. (Eg. if cheaper glue is used floor will cup or the floor may squeak)

9. Timber not to be installed until site is sealed. ( Eg. Floor will not acclimatise correctly)

10. When acclimatising flooring, different rules apply depending on site, species, width and thickness of board. (Eg Some species need to be nailed and glued immediately as the timber cells take on moisture and expand from the end grain)

11. If acclimatising, floor cut in on site, and turn if cupping. ( Strip stacking on site not recommended) Nash timbers recommends that installing be caculated with Nash Timbers Flooring Site Checklist

12. No secret nailing over 80 x 19mm but can secret nail 14mm thick board up to 180 x 14.

13. Ensure  the correct nail and application is used to minimise the puncture mark in the surface of the floorboard and ensure correct adherence to substrate.

14. Nash Timbers recommends that you always check the milling and moisture content of the board. (eg, Sometimes the milling process may cause a problem with the floorboard)

15. Control expansion joints must be installed when installing floor.

16. Finally be aware of climate condition that will affect you floorboard. (Eg, Direct sunlight, air condition vents, wind and water)

When organising to have a job to be quoted it is very important to ensure that you are comparing apples with apples, not apples with lemons. Cost can be reduced by using inferior timber ply, battens and glue and installing expansion joints. Concerning timber, clients can be sold a different species which is a lower grade but similar colour. (Eg, Blackbutt replaced with Mixed creams)


We take great care in liasing with our client over the installation and finishing of the flooring. it is important to take the client through each stage of the process, so they have a more informed understanding of how timber works.

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