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Timber Floor Sanding Tips



1. Ensure nails are punched below level of timber. Fill holes with putty to match colour of floor.

2. Sanding is done across the grain on softwood at a 45 degree angle, hardwood at a 15 degree angle. Correct sanding ensures a level floor and helps open the grain to assist with absorption of the finish to enhance the features of the timber.

3. On finishing sanding the centre of the floor an edge sander is used to match up with the centre sanding as it is unable to sand up to the wall, staircases and joinery. If these 2 sanders are not used in conjunction with each other uneven surface, scratches from the sander, dicolouration and lip marking will occur.

4. To stop unwanted markings a belt sander with little pressure is used in the direction of the grain..

5.Polyvac sander evens out the grain between drum and edge sander. Also, it cuts the timber hairs and opens the pores of the timber which assist with the absorption of the finish.

6.  Floor is then buffed and coated.

7. Different sanders need to be used with certain finishes to ensure correct result.

8. Sealmaster is applied after sanding a floor to stop edge bonding or boards gluing together., also stops the discolouration on the edges of certain timber species American White Oak and Blackbutt. Sealmaster is not used on Brushbox and Turpentine due to reaction with natural properties of the wood.

9. Synteko Classic floor is not to be over sanded to ensure product will dry and penetrate correctly and flooring is even for buffing between each coat.

10. When using Synteko waterbase fine sand floor to reduce dicolouration in floor.


We take great care in liasing with our client over the installation and finishing of the flooring. it is important to take the client through each stage of the process, so they have a more informed understanding of how timber works.

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