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Incorrect practice for installing expansion joint around perimeter


Note piece of timber placed between floor and tile, this stops timber expanding, will crack tile and bow timber the expansion joint is to be installed without any blockage.




Ply upside down

Builder has installed yellow tongue upside down you can see because writing is showing. Yellow tongue has a raw side and a greasy side. Floor is glued to the raw side. Greasy side faces substrate as the wax helps prevent moisture entering the yellow tongue. Yellow tongue expands with moisture.



Floor Boards  not docked to allow floor to expand

Floor board is touching wall, there should be a 10mm gap between wall and flooring. Floor board should have been docked. Inadequate gaps been left for flooring movement





Floor board has not been troweled glued

This board has been turned over to show how the glue has been incorrectly applied. Glue should be troweled on to the yellow tongue or ply, note the snake pattern that shows that insufficient glue has been applied.



Floor board has not been troweled glued




We take great care in liasing with our client over the installation and finishing of the flooring. it is important to take the client through each stage of the process, so they have a more informed understanding of how timber works.

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