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Spotted Gum Decking, Timber Floors, Recycled and Blackbutt Projects

Ravesis, Bondi Beach - Coastal Spotted Gum Hilton Hotel, Fiji - Black American Walnut
rav 2
Private Residence, Wahroonga - Prestige Blackbutt The Deck, Luna Park - Grey Iron Bark


Grafton Galleries, Rushcutters Bay - Tallowwood Scot's Church, Sydney - Jarrah Overlay
Private Residence, Cammeray - Western Red Cedar Country Road, Bondi Junction - Coastal Spotted Gum
Public Boardwalk, Kurnell - Western QLD Spotted Gum Bank Hotel, Newtown - Ipe Wall Paneling and Tallowwood Decking

A cross-section of projects Nash Timbers has supplied timber to over the last years:


  • .Scot’s Church, Westpoint (Jarrah overlay flooring 6800m2, 600sqm decking) York St,
  • M Central Ultimo, Abigroup (Western QLD Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak flooring, tallowwood and Spotted Gum Decking, skirting board and battens.) 8000sqm total
  • NSW University, Lipman (Blackbutt decking, staircase material,   Blackbutt flooring and framing timber)
  • City Quarter Camperdown, Abigroup (Merbau Decking 2,500m2)
  • Kell and Rigby job at Darling St Rozelle (Wide Spotted Gum Flooring, Decking and Privacy screens)
  • Wallaringa Mansion Neutral Bay, Kell & Rigby (600sqm, QLD Red Ironbark Flooring 240mm x 22mm)
  • Vaucluse Residential (600sqm, American Oak Flooring 230mm x 22mm, & Skirting Board)
  • Point Piper residential (400sqm Ipe,(South American)
  • Bryon Bay Residential (500sqm, European White Oak Flooring)
  • Cairns Rip Curl (250sqm, NSW Spotted Gum 180mm x 21mm)
  • Fiji Hilton Hotel (American Black Walnut Flooring, Western QLD Spotted Gum Handrails)
  • The Rocks (2500sqm Recycled Flooring)


  • Coogee Bay Sportsman’s Bar Hotel (180sqm Ipe 80 x 19, Ipe Joinery for bars and walls)
  • Winston Hills Hotel (Recycled Beams and Spotted Gum Decking 88x 19)


  • Crocodile Farm Hotel (Spotted Gum structural beams & posts & Spotted Gum Decking)
  • Aurora City Offices (350sqm Spotted Gum 180  x 21)
  • Berowra Waters (180sqm Rustic northern beech 180x 21, 63sqm Blackbutt Decking)
  • The Sheaf Hotel (160sqm Select Grey Ironbark 80 x 19)


  • Cammeray Square (250sqm American White Oak 85 x 19, 520sqm Spotted Gum True Wood 80 x 19, 460sqm Pre-engineered American White oak 134 x 14)
  • Balmoral Stud Homestead (1785mts Spotted Gum Decking 60 x 19)
  • Links Seaside project Woollongong (13,369mts Spotted Gum Decking 88 x 19)
  • Thirroul Community Centre Woollongong (11,544 F27 Structural Hardwood)
  • Darwin Cove Walkway (3,247 Red ironbark D.A.R 350 x 450)
  • Darwin Cove Walkway (1,200 Red Ironbark Decking 125 x 42)
  • Redfern Oval Seats (10,000mts recycled Blackbutt 42 x 42)
  • Vaucluse (500mts Laminated Western red Cedar for window boxes)
  • Portrait Gallery Canberra(6,000mts Oval Shaped Spotted Gum)
  • Canberra Airport (500sqm Blackbutt 180 x 21)


A cross-section of projects Nash Timbers has supplied and installed timber over the last year:

  • Vaucluse Residential (132sqm Spotted Gum parquetry)
  • The Rocks Heritage Building (95sqm Blackbutt Flooring)
  • Rip Curl Manly (76sqm Spotted Gum Flooring)
  • Vaucluse Residential (72sqm Recycled Flooring)
  • Sydney City Office (90sqm Blackbutt Overlay)
  • Grafton Galleries (161sqm Tallowwood 180 x 21 Flooring)
  • Vaucluse Residential ( 131sqm Stained Blackbutt 180 x 21 Flooring)
  • Tamarama Residential (300sqm Western QLD Spotted Gum Flooring)
  • Bellevue Hill Residential (218sqm Grey ironbark 130 x 19 –Tung Oil)
  • Clareville Residential (194sqm Spotted Gum Flooring- Waterbase Polyurethane)
  • Cremorne Point Residential (190sqm American Red Oak 210 x 21- Antique French Walnut Stain)
  • Avalon Residential (85sqm Blackbutt 180 x 21 –Synteko Classic Satin)
  • Luna Park (266sqm Grey Ironbark Colour Selected 80 x 19- Synteko Solid Oil)
  • Audi Terminal Five Dock (164sqm Amreican White Oak 85 x 19 – lime Wash)
  • Ravesi’s Bondi (110sqm Spotted Gum Parquetry)
  • Tamarama (160sqm Blackbutt 180 x 21, plus stairs –lime Wash)
  • Bronte (138sqm Blackbutt 180 x 21, plus stairs – Dark Stain)
  • Vaucluse (110sqm Grey Box 130 x 19, Plus stairs and Tallowwood decking)
  • Balmoral Esplande (310sqm White Mahongany 80 x 19- Synteko Classic)
  • Black Stump Restaurant (281sqm Red Gum 270 x 32 - Bona Traffic)
  • Vaucluse (322sqm Spotted Gum 235 x 22 Srewed & Plug -Modified Oil)
  • Vaucluse (300sqm Spotted Gum 80 x 19 -Modified Oil)
  • Cremorne (247sqm Blackbutt 130 x 19 - Black Stain)
  • Kents St Sydney (360sqm Spotted Gum 240 x 22, Screwed & Plugged-Modified Oil)
  • Roseville (250sqm, Tallowwood 210 x 23- Synteko Classic)
  • Sugar Mill Hotel Potts Point (60sqm Grey ironbark Paraquetry- Stained Black)
  • Pymble (187sqm Blackbutt 80 x 19 & Paraquetry-Stain Black
  • Hunters Hill (280sqm Jarrah 80 x 19- Synteko Classic
  • The Astor Macquarie St Sydney (132sqm Amrican White Oak 130 x 19-Lime Wash)
  • Riverview Hotel Balmain (140sqm SpottedGum 80 x 19- Bona Traffic

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We take great care in liasing with our client over the installation and finishing of the flooring. it is important to take the client through each stage of the process, so they have a more informed understanding of how timber works.

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