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Select System-Timber Selection, Floor Floating, Decking, Flooring, Solid & Engineered

A system that empowers, you my clients, to unravel the myths and mysteries of the timber world and mitigate the risks with regard to choosing the right timber. Our consultative approach is about developing the right solution for you, it’s not about just selling you some planks.

Species to ensure you use the correct timber in the correct location
Environment water and sun can live compatibly with timber
Locality timber can live anywhere inside/outside as long as the correct technique is used
Economical quality affordable timber
Colour understanding the variations and ranges of colour in timber is your first step of decision-making
Timing timber lives, so it needs a time frame allowing the raw product to be transformed to your desired finish

Nash Timbers specialises in giving all our clients personalised service. We ensure that we walk our clients through the selection process, so that they gain sufficient knowledge to make an educated decision.

We have full range of timber to choose from varying colours and varying widths in Solid and Engineered Flooring. A solution for every application. Nash Timbers also stocks Recycled Timber and certain specialized species such as Merbau Reeded Decking, European Oak and Canadian Rock Maple, Please call for more information on these exclusive specialized
lines if you are looking for timber that is “extraordinary”.

  • 4 Flooring narrow and wide (recycled and new)
  • 4 Decking
  • 4 Staircase material
  • 4 Post and Beams (recycled and new)
  • 4 Weatherboard
  • 4 Inside Ceiling and Wall Lining Board
  • 4 Timber Floor Floating
  • 4 Overlay Timber Floor
General product categorisations
Solvent based
(Sit on top of timber)
Water Based
Natural Oils
Polyurethane Tung Oils Acid Catalysed
Oil Modified
Single pack 20%-25% 
Synteko Classic Feast Watson
  Some more natural
than others
2 Pack     Synteko Urethane   Synteko solids
          Feast Watson China Oil
Clean-up Thinners Clean-up Turps Clean-up white spirit Clean-up Turps Clean-up water Clean-up Turps

Durability of floor finishes*
Hardest Wearing   1. Penetrating oils – low sheen: libraries, public facilities and airports
    2. Polyurethane Gloss: a household situation 8 years
    3. Feast Watson alkathane synteko Urethane and Synteko classic
    4. Polyurethane Satin
    5. Polyurethane Matt: a household situation 5 years
Least durable   6. Tung Oil: a household situation 3months regular waxing and
3 years before recoating

*These situations described above are of a general nature and subject to the specific environment

‘Sustainable timber’ (Natural timber sustainably managed Australian forests)
It is better to ‘work the forest’ than ‘lock it away’
‘ Carbon dioxide’ absorbed by growing forest
‘ Carbon dioxide’ omitted by decaying forest
– Eco System

The timber species considered in Warrington Fire Research Report
(For national timber development Council 2001)
Timbers satisfying the definition of Fire-Retardant-Treated Timber SPECIFIED IN AS 3959-1999 Timbers which do not satisfy the current AS 3959-1999 definition of fire-Retardant-Treated Timber but satisfy the proposed performance criteria Timbers which do not satisfy the definition of Fire-Retardant-Treated timber nor the proposed performance criteria
Blackbutt Balau (Selangan Batu) Hoop Pine
Kwila (Merbau) Forest red Gum Mountain Ash
Red ironbark Jarrah Messmate
River red Gum Tallowwood Radiata Pine
Silver Top Ash Yellow Stringybark Weathered Hoop Pine
Spotted Gum   Weathered Messmate
Turpentine   Weathered Radiata Pine

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We take great care in liasing with our client over the installation and finishing of the flooring. it is important to take the client through each stage of the process, so they have a more informed understanding of how timber works.

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